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    The horizontal carousel systems provided by Transtech are ideal for efficient and economical automatic storage and storage in buildings with a height of 5 meters and below.

    Automated carousel storage and retrieval systems have been designed and built to provide operating flexibility, manpower savings, and reliability over time. Steel carrousels, which are the heart of the system, transport the stored equipment through modular storage compartments designed to handle heavyweight. They operate automatically, saving floor space and manpower costs.

    increased productivity, improved order picking, and inventory control are accomplished through unique software integrated with the automatic warehouse. carrousel warehouses that are over 2 meters high include a platform to enable storage and retrieval of items at heights.

    main features:

    • Modules in any size for storage efficiency.
    • An efficient system that allows fast retrieval.
    • Design of innovative modules including security loops and the possibility of outward tilt.
    • The largest standard shelves in the market with additional capacity.
    • Option to enlarge the carrousel over time.

    Optional modules:

    • Adjust the spacing between shelves on demand.
    • Hard steel structure.
    • Shelf design.
    • Supporting shelves.

    FasTree – Vertical Display Indicator:

    A vertical display indicator showing the shelf that needs to be handled, and additional details as per customer’s requirement.

    SortTree Horizontal Display Indicator:

    A horizontal display indicator showing the sorting targets.

    Ergonomic work positions.


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