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    ETV (electric vehicle) conveying systems are used to transport materials and items between departments, floors or between buildings. A conveying system with electric carriages that “travel” along with a network of rails, which can be moved to any part of the building. The rails can be installed in any shape – horizontally, vertically and even hanging from the ceiling. The ETV computerized control system enables complex logistics tasks to be performed.

    ETV systems are suitable for a variety of uses in a variety of industries.


    ETV systems are installed in hospitals to transfer samples, medical records, x-rays, and other medical materials. The system includes silent carriages and unseen rails in the hospital, horizontally and vertically, between floors and through various buildings in the hospital complex. The system includes several stations spread across the network and across the hospital.

    Workforce efficiency and manpower savings:

    • Special carriers for hospitals, to best suit needs.
    • Quiet operation suitable for hospital environment.
    • A durable structure that allows movement between different buildings in the hospital complex.
    • A modular structure that allows for adjustments to structures in the expansion process or when there is a change in the work processes.

    A UNICAR system is used to quickly and conveniently link different library stations, such as the Reading Room, Lending Desk, and Warehouse. Returned books become available immediately, much-needed material arrives faster, and waiting times are significantly reduced.


    ETV systems are used to transport cargo in stores, supermarkets, and trading companies, between the storage area and the sales area.


    ETV systems provide a solution for fast and reliable transfer of various documents and items in branches and bank administration. The system is designed and installed according to the needs of the customers. The UNICAR system delivers items quietly and efficiently through freely moving carriages. Secure delivery of confidential documents can be secured using a code that locks the trailer so that only those who are allowed to do so can open the trailer at the destination station.

    • Faster order handling.
    • Fast transport of goods at supermarkets, trading companies, and retail businesses.
    • Space Savings – The system is installed on unused ceilings and corners.
    • Secure conveyance.
    • Manpower savings.
    • Option to install in existing buildings and even in historic buildings, without damaging the building.
    • Moving items horizontally and vertically.
    • Expandable.
    • UNICAR – for items weighing up to 10 kg.
    • MULTILIFT – for items weighing up to 25 kg.
    • MULTICAR – For items weighing up to 30 kg.

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