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    waste and linen conveying and or pneumatic systems are an effective and reliable way of transportation currently used in residential buildings, green neighborhoods, hospitals, and hotels around the world. The conveying is done automatically between rooms, floors or buildings to a central collection point. Implementing a pneumatic garbage disposal system eliminates the need for conventional garbage disposal methods. No more odors in the elevators, no more odors inside the chutes and no more pollution or noise caused by the garbage trucks. The main advantages of the system are:

    Saving expensive floor space:

    • eliminating garbage rooms and turning them into warehouses, parking and more.
    • eliminating transportation routes to garbage carts.

    Saving cost

    improve the quality of life


    full vacuum system

    Our company has the technologic of conveying waste and linen everywhere anywhere. With our unique patent we also:

    able to conveying waste up in the chute against the gravitational force. allow you to have garbage stations underground.

    have the option of connecting the system to the commercial and employment areas in the same complex, not mention the garden apartment and the lobby.

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