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    Vertical automatic warehouses are a significant machine that contributes to streamlining the logistics in your organization. The vertical automatic warehouses are based on high-altitude storage (up to 21 meters), saving valuable floor space. Thanks to this and other benefits such as high throughput compared to manual warehousing, manpower savings required to operate, and saving money in logistics operation costs.

    In order to allow maximum flexibility for the customer and to adapt the warehouse as much as possible to the changing needs, we offer a wide range of warehouse types.

    The vertical warehouses provided by Transtech Systems guarantee quality and important advantages that are revolutionary in the vertical storage area. Thanks to the system’s modularity and its flexibility, the work stations can be placed on different levels to give maximum flexibility. The entire warehouse space can be utilized, up to 21 meters.

    The drawers are also made of modular panels and can be arranged in small spacious of up to 25 mm. 

    The warehouse’s modern design includes modular steel elements. The side panels, made of semi-transparent plastic, that can be removed for maintenance at any time.

    The system has smooth and stable vertical movement, accurate and quiet.

    Operator Safety – High safety for the warehouse operator, which is protected by passive and active systems, including photoelectric barriers and a gate that automatically locks for perfect insulation and protection.

    Wireless technology – The warehouse has a computer-based wireless system that allows the operator free movement and remote machine control. Those who prefer more “classic” solutions can use the convenient graphical display interface on the front of the machine.

    Custom-made software – Warehouse management software interfaces with every corporate information system in your company.

    Outputs: Min 80 trays per hour.

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